Window and Door Maintenance

By December 2, 2016Completed work

Kanimbla -We removed these doors recently to find the rollers had only been fitted with one screw in each. This can allow the roller body to move out of place, and difficult to adjust/secure properly. The screws in the corners/ anti intrusion plate are zinc and will rust in only a couple of years. We choose not to use these style of locks… Often its the smaller details that are over looked

Bentley Park – Here are some ‘ well known brand name ‘ Stainless security doors. These were off the tracks and had trouble sliding. When we pulled them out we could see the rollers had never been screwed in from the factory. There are 40 rollers in this job, and only 6 years old… this is what we refer to as untradesman like, for obvious reasons. There are plenty of doors to choose from on the market but its the parts and workmanship¬† that make it a quality job

Whitfield – New gauze to these screens and locks on the doors for the fraction of the price for new ones

Roller replacements – Domestic or Commercial we can get your doors sliding again

Pet doors – we can fit a pet door to your new or existing door

Whitfield –

These Casement windows had broken and mismatched handles

A few of the Stays were broken and others had worn , the windows were nearly falling out

We removed and replaced all the Stays and handles with a few little mods to make the new hardware work with the older style window frames

Mooroobool –

Window and door rollers can be replaced

Damage to the frames and track will occur if left to wear out and scrape as you open and close them

This can lead to the whole window or door needing replacement