Diamond grill security doors

By November 27, 2016Completed work

Trinity Beach – Diamond grill door with triple lock to front entry

Manunda – Replace damaged door with new to suit Body corp requirement

North Cairns – Diamond grill door to suit existing in unit block as per Body corp request

Trinity Beach – Diamond grill door to commercial kitchen.

Over size width and opening in to suit existing door style

Earlville – Replace existing door with Diamond grill door.

Triple lock system and the colour of Primrose to match existing as per Body Corp. specs

Mt Sheridan – Screens to the back yard shed

Bentley Park – Double doors to front and back

Woree – The louvres had to be replaced, galleries and all.

New Diamond grill security screen and door

Trinity Beach – The screens were fitted on this third floor apartment to prevent a fall from an open window


Brinsmead – Sometimes a door will need a ‘build out frame’ to stop the timber door handle hitting against the security door


Parramatta Park – Commercial building using the smaller 7mm grill as per Govt. spec

Ravenshoe –  We also did all the windows in this ‘ Shouse ‘… shed come house,  until the main house is built

Brinsmead – Diamond grill door to match existing window screens and triple lock

Goldsborough Valley – Match existing windows and doors with the colour of Deep Ocean

Goldsborough Valley – Yes we are always out here and have family who live here.

Call us to arrange a day and time that suits you

Woree – A newly renovated/purchased house needed to be screened

Brinsmead- Diamond grill doors with tracks fitted into the sliding doors

Whiterock – Double front entry in Diamond grill with triple lock


Whiterock – Upgrade to rental property




The Diamond grill security door is still the most cost effective way of securing your property.

These can come with a triple lock for added security.